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Session 1:
God’s plan for mankind on earth and His strategic plans for the nations.Peter HorrobinGod’s desire to break through the darkness. Charlie Cleverly
Session 2:
God’s heart for the restoration of personhood and nationhood. Fiona Horrobin
Session 3:
The legacy of Christian Europe - the condition of Christianity today in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the former Soviet countries. European Ellel Centre Directors
Session 4:
The summary of the condition of Christianitytoday in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway,Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. European Ellel Centre Directors
Session 5:
Recognising some specific spiritual strongholds: Humanism, Human Rights, Political Ideologies. David Cross
Session 6:
Prayer Groups
Session 7:
A new reformation in Europe. Charlie Cleverly
Session 8:
Incense Prayer - The persistent sacrificial fragrance that reaches heaven. Anita Cleverly
Session 9:
Europe and Israel Seeking God’s heart for the One New Man. Peter Horrobin
Session 10:
Restoring the broken-ness of Europe through the broken body of Christ, communion and prayer time. Charlie Cleverly and Peter Horrobin